We want to give our family the best that we can offer. papapetshop.com is for all of us who love our pets like our family members. Yes, we are fun people because we love animals and are also serious when it comes to selecting all the great products, especially for yours and our family pets.


We promise to make our interaction sweet and rewarding for you. We want to hear and learn from you and to share and gift to you. Our PCube member club is specially set up, so we can stay in touch, for all these good reasons. We pledge to continue our love for animals, to share our experience, great values and quality products with you. We shall do it with commitment and integrity.


Papa taught us to give back to the community, to provide support to the best of our abilities. Hence, we will do our part in providing assistance to the angels of local welfare groups, we support aspiring and passionate entrepreneurs who are creative, as well as those who are passionate in their business to extend bountiful joy and love to animals.

P.S. To our Papa, the man who gave us good reasons and a strong foundation in setting up this online pet store, we want to thank you and continue your beliefs and values.