Canadian Jerky is a professional pet food manufacturer based in South Surrey, British Columbia. Founded in 2016, their mission is to provide premium quality, naturally nutritious, healthy and tasty pet food and pet treats that are 100% sourced and made in Canada.

 Canadian Jerky is proud to offer three main product lines that include soft treats, one-ingredient jerky and air-dried foods. Their daily production capacity can go up to 20 tons.

Ingredients are locally sourced and only the highest quality and freshest ingredients are used in the pet food and pet treats.

 World-leading equipment is used to make their air-dried products. Their specially programmed low temp jerky drying process locks in nutrition and flavour.

Their steaming equipment delivers products that are made using traditional methods enhanced by modern efficiencies. This lets them preserve as much of the ingredients’ natural taste as possible.

Only premium extrusion equipment is used to shape the products.

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