Guaranteed 80 million CFU Active Live Culture of Proprietary Species-Specific Probiotics in Every Pound of Food for The Optimal Health & Immunity of Your Pet

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help maintain digestive health, break down food consumed and support nutrient absorption and healthy immune system. And because 70% of an animal’s immune system is housed in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, having the right good strains of probiotics in the GI is the key to happy healthy and joyful furbies.

You may like to know that K9 Strain®️ for dogs and Viables®️ Probiotics for cats are the proprietary probiotics developed by Taste of the Wild, especially for their cat and dog food. They make the strains species- specific to ensure our furbies get the best support of their daily needs of beneficial probiotics. They guaranteed through stringent manufacturing processes, that only after the cooking process do the proprietary probiotics be added and there are minimum 80,000,000 CFU of active live culture of these healthy bacteria in every pound of their kibbles.

As the name suggested, Taste of the Wild is renowned for its #1 ingredient to be quality real meat, fish or fowl, inspired by the diet of our furbies’ ancestral origin. The range are AAFCO certified to meet the standards of complete and balance nutrition pet food.

These are what you want to know further

Grain free formula
80 million viable cultures of species’ specific probiotics in every pound for immunity and vitality
Prebiotic fiber from dried chicory roots to fuel the probiotics
Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.
DHA from salmon oil for eyes and brain
Antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals from vegetables, legumes and fruits
#1 ingredient from real meat, fish or fowl
AAFCO standards for complete and balance nutrition

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